Thursday, August 27, 2015

Klout Perk Review: Pasta Chips

Klout recently sent me an awesome Perk! I was super excited to receive a package with a bag of Garlic Olive Oil Pasta Chips. 

I rarely eat large meals, I'm much more apt to snack all day long. Pasta happens to be one of my favorite foods, and I'm a big fan of chips. These Pasta Chips are kind of the perfect snack option for me. Especially since I'm trying to cut down on unhealthy snacking and I think these are a smarter choice.

"Get the skinny on dipping! Pasta Chips are NonGMO, All Natural Ingredients, Oven Baked, Kosher Certified, 60% Less Fat than a potato chip, 20% Less Fat than pita chips, Only 120 calories per serving and made with Premium Semolina Flour."

I liked the idea of the chips, they were a great size and texture. I even likes the flavor, it was just too much for me. My brother and dad gladly snatched the bag and finished it!

Find Pasta Chips all over the internet!