Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Simplifying and Selling!

In an effort to simplify my life, I've been doing a lot of organizing and purging. I've gone through everything quickly once and gathered all of the things I haven't used, worn or thought about in a while. I threw out the junk, donated what I could, brought some items to a consignment shop, and have recently started listing items on eBay.

The latest area to get downsized is my craft supplies. I inherited a ton of things, like beads and ribbon, from various people who know I enjoy creating things. I've always been one to just keep stockpiling the goodies, but I'm tired of having so much stuff. So, I went through my crafting items and weeded out the things I really won't use or don't have an interest in. It feels good! 

Mixed Bead Lot

 Now, I just need to get it all out of my house. I'm finally listing it  online, and will hopefully be shipping a lot of the items to people  who can actually use them, and soon. (If you're interested in  checking out any of my eBay listings, check out my seller page.)

I can't wait to have less stuff, and more room. Hopefully it means less stress, and more cash! I can certainly use more cash, to create less stress too. (Paying off bills and all, you know how it is.)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Sources of Income

I've had a lot happen recently that is costing me a large amount of money out of pocket that I certainly wasn't expecting. It has also made it difficult to continue working at my job. While I'm still working currently, I'm trying to decide if I'll be keeping the job in the near future. That being said, I'm trying to earn as much money as I can between shifts, and I'm trying to find what other methods of making money may keep me afloat if I do decide to leave my job. 

Currently I have a decent amount of inventory left over from the business I closed a few months back. I can make some money by bringing the items to local consignment shops, but my current car situation (or lack thereof) is making that somewhat difficult. I've been going through the inventory and pulling items that I think may do well on eBay, so hopefully that will net me some cash. 

I've also been making jewelry and other small items with beads that I think I can sell on etsy. I'm working on perfecting the items and building a small inventory before I list them online.

Finally, what you're probably most interested in, is the websites I've been using to earn money. Swagbucks is still my #1 favorite earning site, with Bing being in a close second. While I cash out for Amazon gift cards on both sites, it's still very helpful because I can buy necessities as well as jewelry making supplies with the money I earn instead of buying out of pocket. Also, it's delivered to my door. Bonus! 

Swagbucks - My Favorite Online Earning Site!! 

My most recent earning venture has been with Amazon mTurk. I had signed up for this website a few years ago but never got past signing up, I've been using it again for a week now, and I've earned a little over $8. No, this is certainly not a lot of money, but I've also only been going on for a few hours at a time and am still learning a lot. I think if I do some more research on how others have been successful, I can earn a respectable amount of money with it. 

So, has anyone else worked with mTurk that can share some insight? 
Have you had luck with any other websites? 
Any suggestions for me? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

How do I get a free Amazon Gift Card?

Excellent question! 

A lot of people wonder "How do I get an Amazon gift card" when they start earning money online.  I did for a long time. Now, I use certain websites daily to earn points that I can redeem for the gift cards I want. I've included screenshots of my earnings so you can see that I'm really earning these gift cards. If you look closely, you'll be able to tell that I take some breaks from earning online, which is great! I love that I can come back to it whenever I want to, and my earnings are based on the amount of time and effort I invest. 

My favorite site is InstaGCI mainly do the clicks and videos, but I just started completing offers and surveys as well. They are certainly worth it! 

Bing Rewards is another awesome way to earn Amazon Gift Cards! Formerly known as Club Bing, you use the site as a search engine, and then cash in the points you earn every day for gift cards. They are emailed to you extremely fast too! 

Swagbucks is the website I've been with the longest, and it's probably my favorite overall. I love the different ways I can earn, and there are a ton of prizes to choose from. I always stick with Amazon gift cards, they're my fave by far, as you can see below.  :D

Happy earning!  :)