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Hi, I'm Alicia and this is my blog.

I really enjoy trying out new products, and that is the main reason I started From the Mailbox.

I write reviews and share them here, because I know that many people like to hear honest opinions before they spend their money on something new. Also, some of the reviews also allow me to host giveaways, which is really great! Being able to read about and try out a product before purchasing is the best.

In addition to posting my reviews here on this blog, I share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

I have a few things that I ask of the company's I work with:

  • I am given at least 2 weeks from the date I receive the product to try it and then complete my review. 
  • I ask that you cover the cost of sending me the product to be reviewed. 
  • I am happy to host a giveaway, either with my review or in a separate post. 
  • If you choose to include a giveaway, I ask that you take care of getting the prize to the winner. 
  • I use Rafflecopter for my giveaways. 
I can be flexible in regards to the above requirements, but please ask me about that when you contact me. 

If you are interested in having me review one of your products, please feel free to contact me by sending an email to

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