Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Matt Kearney Album "Young Love" Review

I was chosen by One2One Network to review the new album Young Love by Matt Kearney. 

I have listened to his music before and really enjoyed it, so I was super excited to be chosen for this review. If you are interested, check out his Facebook page. You can also visit his website where you can read more about the artist, and finally you can go to his itunes page and download his album!

After listening to the entire album, I have decided I like his older music better. I thought this album was good, but a little to mellow for my liking. There were 3 songs that I enjoyed more than others. 
  • Track 1 - "Hey Mama" 
    • This was my favorite. It was much more upbeat and faster and I really enjoyed it.
  • Track 7  - "Down"
    • This was a bit faster too, the only thing I wasn't 100% sold on was the topic.
  • Track 8 - "She Got the Honey" 
    • Finally this song was fast and fun and I loved the rhythm.

Overall though I love Matt Kearney's voice and the range he has, 
as well as the overall style of his music.