Friday, August 12, 2011

Mail Call! August 12th

Not a bad mail day. I got a book called High Steel that I ordered from Amazon as a present for my boyfriend. He is an ironworker in NYC and it's perfect for him because it's all about the ironworkers who work in NYC, and there are even people he works with mentioned in the book. I paid less than $4 and used a gift card from Swagbucks, so it was free! I'll either give it to him for his birthday or Christmas, they're very close to eachother. 

I also got 2 samples of "minteas," which arer tea mints. There is one for fitness and one for energy. They look interesting. 

Finally I got a credit card statement ($0 balance, wohoo!) that I can use the envelope (that they send you for payments) for organizing coupons when I take them to the stores with me. 

How was your mail day?