Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Bunny Smiley Cookies - Review

I was one of the lucky people chosen to review Easter Bunny Smiley Cookies through Tomoson. I have to say, I really am excited about this review! 

I was happy to see a package on my doorstep when I got home a little while ago, and really happy to see it said Smiley Cookies on the side! I opened it as soon at I got inside, and my boyfriend grabbed the Easter bunny cookies from me because they looked really good. I told him to wait so I could take a few pictures, and then he started devouring the bunny cookies.

First I'd like to say that I thought the packaging was great. I opened the box to find a Smiley box surrounded by an air pillow. Then inside that box was the plastic shrink-wrapped plastic container that the cookies are in. Needless to say, they arrived safe and all intact! Also, the box they came in was really nice. If I received these cookies as a gift I would be really happy. 

Now let's talk about taste. AMAZING! Hubby was right in trying to steal the box from me. 
I thought they were really great. I love the flavor and texture, and the icing is really good. 

Hubby asked where to buy more after half a cookie! Looks like we'll be having more Smiley Cookies in our near future. Sounds good to me!

I also think I may be sending these Easter Cookies to family this holiday. I know they will be impressed! 

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