Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shopping Haul!

I went shopping with my mom twice this weekend, and we found awesome deals both times!

 On Saturday we hit up the mall and Kohls.
 First my mom spotted these AMAZING Steve Madden boots in my size at DSW. They retail for $230, sold for $149.99 at DSW, and were marked down to $72.99! And get this, as we were in line to pay, another shopper handed me a coupon that's as about to expire, for $20 off! So these awesome boots only cost $54!! They are going to be my birthday present from mom.  :)

Then we went to H&M and I found some sleep shorts that I've needed for a while now. They ended up being on sale and cost $9 for both!

Finally we went to Kohls to use our $10 coupons that came in the mail. Mom didn't find anything she wanted so I got 2 shirts. On sale for $11.99 each, plus we had 15% off coupons too. I paid $1.76 per shirt!

On Sunday went out to a Goodwill store we've never been too before.

I found 2 awesome wool coats The grey one is from Aeropostale and cost $7.49, the orange one is from H&M and cost $6.49! do you think we did? Have you gotten any great deals recently?