Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mail Call - Playing Catch Up!

I've been slacking, sorry! Things have been a bit crazy. 

I have gotten some awesome freebies in the mail, and I have to say that some came at just the right time

Never too many free cleaning products! 

Free vitamins, score! 

An awesome snack platter, along with a coupon for free enchiladas and a $10 Visa gift card! 

Free Snapple brew over ice k-cups! 

A coupon for FREE cat food, the day I ran out, yay! 

A free reusable grocery bag from Dawn, I was just saying how I needed another one.

Free sample of dog food to try out for Swaggable. 

A free box from Carmex that has 4 awesome moisture plus lip balms, in great prints! 

A free jar of the new Jif Hazlenut spread. I LOVE it, but it came 2 days ago, when I was in bed with the stomach bug and couldn't eat anything but saltines. Such torture! 

Have I mentioned how I LOVE the coupons that come with most of the free samples I get in the mail?! They are also typically a higher value than those you find in the newspaper or online, major score!