Sunday, January 12, 2014

Insert Cheesy Pick-up Line Here

So, how's the weather? I know, lame. Seriously though, we had what I'd consider a monsoon here in NY yesterday, and now it's insanely windy. At least there's some sun and it's not subzero right now. The weather is just so strange lately.

Anyway, I plan to spend my day off being lazy, and staying indoors. Needless to say, today will be spent in PJ's, drinking tea, and earning some money online. I'm sure I'll be listening to music and being used as a pillow by my dogs too...gotta love puppy love. 

Lately I've been on a earn as much money as possible kick. My bank account is quite sad right now, and I'm trying to fix that. So I've been spending a lot of time on my "regular" sites, and also started revisiting some that I'd sort of forgotten about.  (Some of the links to the sites are going to be my referral links, just so you know.)

My favorites are currently Swagbucks and InstaGC. I pretty much just do the "click the link" offers and watch the videos. I have about $30 in amazon gift cards saved up, and I really want to reach $35 by the end of the day. I have a long wish list on amazon and really want to place an order soon! (Speaking of, what the heck is the deal with them raising the free shipping amount to $35? I feel like $25 was so much easier to reach.) Either way, I'm almost at that goal. 

And although I do have a serious love for amazon, I could really use some actual cash in my account. That's why I decided to revisit WordLinx, Squidoo and Jingit. 

When I signed into WordLinx I was pretty happy to see that I had almost $5 in my account, and only need to earn $5 more to cash out via PayPal. It's a basic paid to click site, very simple. 

Squidoo is one of those sites that I still earn from regularly, just not much. They pay on a 3 month delay, so when I get paid tomorrow, it will be for whatever I earned in October. I really like this method because it makes me focus on the long term and keep at it.

Finally, Jingit is fantastic. The only reason I stopped earning was because I misplaced my Jingit card (they send you a debit card that all of your earnings are added to) and had no way to use what I made. Well I found the card and started watching videos to earn some money again. I actually just used the card to buy some stuff at the hardware store. Yay for no cash outta my pocket! 

I almost forgot about MyPoints. I finally started reading the emails again and am racking up points at a pretty decent pace again. I feel a gift card in my near future.  :)

So, those are my main focuses right now. I'm gonna go attempt to finish my tea before it's ice cold. Stay warm everyone!