Saturday, December 14, 2013

Mail Call 12/14

While I don't think I'll be getting any mail with all of this snow today, I do want to share what I got this past week with you all! 

 I got a DVD and three...towels? They are prizes I ordered from SheKnows. (I plan to sew the "towels" in to pillow cases.) They are switching to a new rewards program and any points you have now will be gone once the switch is made.

I received my first PinchMe box! SUPER excited about it. I actually wrote a whole post about joining this new site.

I'm super excited to get my second PinchMe box, it should be here any day! If you haven't joined this new free sample site yet, you have got to check it out! Leave a comment below and let me know how you'd like to be invited (Facebook, Twitter or email) and I'll be sure to send an invite ASAP! 

My Influenster Violet VoxBox arrived, and I could not be happier with it! I got an awesome Goody hairbrush and headband, as well as a Sally Hansen Nail Polish and a SoyJoy bar to try out. My reviews of these items are coming soon, so stay tuned!

MyPoints sent me the Panera Gift Card I had ordered with my points, I can't wait to go have some Broccoli & Cheddar soup!  

Now these items all came last week, but I was really sick with a nasty virus and stuck in bed. 

First up is a great package from the Carmex Blog Squad containing their new, fun moisturizing lip sticks. 

Then I got an issue of Cosmo magazine, from a free subscription that I ordered with points from a reward program. Sadly, I wasn't even able to read this while trapped in bed, my head hurt too much to focus. 

Finally, the best and worst mail at the same time. It's awesome because I love Nutella and this is basically Jif's version...Amazing! But, I wasn't able to eat it! It was a week filled with saltines and ice chips. Ugh.

Make sure you check out my latest post with lots of great things to know for earning online this week!