Saturday, December 14, 2013

Semi-Productive Snow Day

I'm going to start off with some "things to know."

  • The InstaGC global bonus is up to 4%, and my personal goal bonus is 1%, so I've got a total of a 5% discount on gift cards today. Make sure you take advantage of the awesome discount! 
  • Disney Movie Rewards is offering a 5 point bonus code every day until Christmas. Check out their Pinterest page daily to get the code. 
  • Make sure to spin the MyPoints Spin to Win wheel daily for a chance to win points or bonus offers.

Okay, now that I've gone over the important stuff, here's some more that I want to share with you all! 

I just ordered 2 insulated tote bags from with my reward points. I'm super excited because I've been saving my points forever! And, I was just thinking that I really needed more grocery bags, but didn't want to pay for them. 

Here's something super exciting...I finally found my Jingit card! It had been missing for months, but I finally found it in another purse. So since I have my card again, I'm back to using the app and earning every day. I love being able to use the card to get myself a little something every once in a while, and not having to spend any of my cash. 

In other news, it's been snowing since the wee hours of the morning here in NY. Later on tonight it's supposed to pick up the pace to a nice 1 - 3 inches per hour. This was a perfect day to get some things done around the house. Like the holiday baking I've been putting off, or the cleaning...or catching up on NCIS. Turns out there was a marathon today, so that took priority of course! Plus I got to spend some quality time with my dogs.  :)

Who needs socks?  :)