Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eylure False Lashes Review

Hey everyone! I'm here to share another review with you all. 

I'd like to tell you all a little bit about Eylure, UK's #1 false lashes, before I share my review. Here is some information from their website.
"Eylure's 60 years of beauty heritage brings to you the very best beauty tricks of the trade. From fabulous strip lashes in a multitude of styles, to semi permanent lash extensions there is a lash solution for everyone.Additionally Eylure offers gorgeously shaped brows and enough fashion aid products to prevent even the mildest wardrobe malfunction! Eylure is the home of exciting celebrity partnerships with Girls Aloud lashes by Eylure and the most recent launch, lashes inspired by Sex and the City."
 I was able to try out three different types of Eylure's false lashes.

Eylure carries many different styles of fake eyelashes. 
From pre-glued to adhering yourself, and natural to bold, there's a style for everyone.

Here's what you get: Lashes, adhesive, and instructions.
As you can see, I cut the lashes to fit my eye. It was very easy to do.

The lashes were very easy to apply. I love how they come on a little tray and they are stuck to tape so they don't fall off. The adhesive is super simple to apply, and it dries very fast so you don't have to sit around waiting. You can cut the lashes to fit your eye, and then just stick them along your lash line and you're done!

Here's a shot of me right after I applied the lashes. My real lashes are on the right with just mascara, and the Eylure Naturalites Super Full lashes are on the left.

My own lashes on the left with some mascara, and my lashes with Eylure Naturalites Super Full lashes on the right. You can see how nicely the Eylure lashes blend in with my real lashes, and they have a really nice shape to them.

Overall, I really like Eylure false lashes. They were simple to apply, and they look great.

You can find Eylure products on their website, Facebook, Twitter and in a store near you! Eylure is currently available at Ulta stores, online at, and in Fred Meyer and Meijer stores across the country. 
Disclaimer - I was given these products for the purpose of my honest review. I was not compensated for this review, nor was I asked to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.