Friday, August 24, 2012

Roaring Springs Paper Products Review

Roaring Springs Paper Products sent me a great package this week! I received 1, 3 and 5 subject spiral notebooks, two large landscape pads and 3 small landscape pads to try out and then share my honest review with my readers.

So many great Roaring Springs products to try out! 

I love notebooks. It's weird, I know, but I always have a ton of notebooks in my desk, just in case. I write lists like it's my job and doodle constantly. Many people have their to-do lists online or on their phones now, but not me. There's just something about writing on a real piece of paper that's much more satisfying to me. So, you can imagine my excitement when I got this package on my doorstep! 

First I want to talk about the Genesis spiral notebooks

1, 3 and 5 subject spiral notebooks.

They come in various colors so you can coordinate your notebook to your textbook, or just pick your favorite color. 
If you or your children are anything like me, they have a hard time remembering their class schedule on the first few days (or weeks) of school, and after they get back from a long holiday or break too. These Genesis notebooks come with a page that you can fill out with your class schedule and also your general information. This is great if you leave your notebook in class, the teacher knows who to return it to.

There's a schedule page inside the front of each notebook.
Another great thing about the Genesis notebooks is the dividers between the subjects. They are a manilla color and easy to find. They are blank, so you can write the subject name on them, or doodle, whatever you want. There is also a manilla folder pocket page in the front of these notebooks for your loose papers.

Subject dividers.

Here's one of the best things about Roaring Springs! I got this information from their website.

Recycled and Sugarcane Fiber Papers
Roaring Spring supplies products produced with different sustainable papers. These included recycled papers, sugarcane fiber paper, and poo papers.

  • Recycled Papers
    • Roaring Spring uses papers made from post-consumer waste.
    • Post-consumer waste, if not recycled, would typically end in a landfill.
    • Most of the Roaring Spring recycled items contain a minimum of 30% PC waste.
    • Recycled paper comes in both white and colored versions.
  • Sugarcane Fiber Paper
    • Sugarcane fiber is waste material from the sugarcane refining process.
    • This waste material is then used as pulp tp produce fine paper.
    • The result is a smooth, bright sheet produced at very green paper mills.
    • We produce sugarcane items in both white and canary options.

Now here are the landscape pads. I received 2 11" x 9.5" college ruled pads in white and canary. They have 40 sheets per pad, are made of 20# premium recycled paper, and are micro-perforated for easy tear out. I also received 3 colored 8" x 6" landscape pads.

My kitten Lily loves Roaring Springs products too! As soon as I pulled them out of the bag she ran up and laid down on them. Then she went to sleep. Therefore, picture taking was delayed a while. I have learned (the hard way) not to disturb Lily when she finally takes a nap. Enjoy the quiet! Anyway, here's some cute pics with Lily.

I'd like to end by saying that Roaring Springs Paper Products have a new fan! I really love the quality and look of their notebooks, and the fact that they are made of recycled and sugarcane fiber products makes me feel so much better about buying and using them. Make sure you check them out! You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well as their main website:

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