Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rocky Mountain Popcorn Review

Hey everyone, today I want to share with you what I think of Rocky Mountain Popcorn! My boyfriend and I are huge popcorn fans, we eat it multiple times per week, and we're always ready to try new flavors, brands, etc. This review was perfect for us. 

"What else sets Rocky Mountain Popcorn apart from other popcorn varieties?

In addition to the extremely high moisture content kernels, Rocky Mountain Popcorn is hot air popped instead of wet popped such as movie theatre and ballpark popcorn. This method is not only beneficial in terms of less fat and sodium; it also creates a more uniform and larger pop. The result is rich tasting, lighter and healthier popcorn." (FAQ)

I had heard good things about them in the past, but never had the chance to taste any of their popcorn. Well today I hit the jackpot! I ran to greet the FedEx man when I saw the logo on this box. I ripped it open and this is what I saw:

Best package I've ever gotten.
I was lucky enough to try all of Rocky Mountain's flavors!

Here's what my boyfriend and I thought of each of the flavors:
  • Southwest Cheddar - spicy, has some lingering heat to it. Very good though!
  • White Cheddar - exactly what you would expect, such a great taste.
  • Naked - tasted too plain at first, but then we both decided we really liked it. Just enough salt.
  • Butter - this was so great! It had the perfect amount of butter flavor, and salt too. My boyfriend and I finished the bag right away.
  • Cinnamon Sugar - I finished the bag in one sitting. I never would have chosen this flavor, but I was very happily surprised! Not super sweet, but definitely has enough sugar that you know it's cinnamon sugar flavored.
  • Jalapeno - Okay, this popcorn is amazing. I would like to start off by saying that I'm not a fan of spicy food. I just never liked it. BUT, this jalapeno popcorn is so good! It has such an awesome taste, and it is spicy but not to the point where I couldn't eat it.
  • Caramel - Amazing! It has the perfect amount of flavor, not overwhelmingly sweet or sticky. 
  • Kettle - Sadly, this is the only one I didn't really like. I say that because kettle corn is one of my favorite snack foods. This one just didn't taste right to me. It didn't taste bad, it just wasn't the kind of kettle corn I was expecting. Don't worry, I still ate it.  
Final Opinion: I love Rocky Mountain Popcorn! I loved 7 out of the 8 flavors, they come in very convenient packaging, it's a healthier popcorn than most others, and it is "all natural, gluten-free, nut-free and certified non-GMO."

One of my favorite things about Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company is that they are commited to being earth conscious. Here are some more great facts about the company from their FAQ

"Does Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company utilize any green initiatives? RMPC uses wind energy to produce corrugated cardboard, the packing for the popcorn bags. The manufacturing plant is also part of the SFI initiative. Both the plant and the headquarters of RMPC recycle. And, instead of packaging popcorn in a tin for holidays and gift giving, the company created the ‘Not-A-Tin,” a recycled and recyclable alternative to the traditional metal popcorn tin. Is Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company involved with any charities? RMPC is proud to support not-for-profit children’s charities and those organizations that focus on healthy lifestyles. The company continually supports Children’s Miracle Network, MS, Miracles on Ice and others in as many facets as possible."

You can find the Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company on Facebook, and you can also visit their website to learn more about their brand, flavors, nutrition and more!

COUPON ALERT: Tell all your friends! Type "Rocky" in the coupon code line when you're ordering on their website, and you'll get 5% off!

Disclaimer - I received these products for the purpose of reviewing. I was not compensated for this post, nor was I asked to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and completely honest.