Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Firmoo .com Glasses Review

I'm very excited to tell you all about It's a global online optical store, which means you can buy prescription glasses from them.

The glasses.

I have worn glasses since I was in the 2nd grade, so about 14 years now. I've had my fair share of frame choosing dilemmas, and always had trouble finding ones I liked that my insurance covered. On you can upload a photo of yourself and then "try on" the glasses on your photo, so you can see what they would look like on you! This is seriously one of the best ideas and it was so helpful in choosing a pair of frames for myself.

I also recently lost vision coverage through my insurance, and now have to pay out of pocket for anything eye doctor/glasses related. I was very pleased with the prices on Firmoo! Think about this: you can buy 8 pairs of eyewear at as opposed to 1 pair at local mortar-and-brick store for the same price.

My glasses came in a nice case.
They were set on a piece of  bubble wrap and
 wrapped in a cleaning cloth for protection. 
They came with this drawstring bag.
Also came with an eyeglass tool and 2 extra screws.

Great news everyone, you can get your first pair of glasses for FREE from Firmoo! You just have to pay shipping. Check out the details here: Don't forget to check out Firmoo on Facebook