Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bee Free Honey Review

I was so excited to try out Bee Free Honee! Nope, that's not a spelling error. This product got it's name because there is no real honey in it, it's made from 4 simple ingredients: apple juice concentrate, beet sugar, lemon juice and water. 

I tried the Honee in my tea instead of the regular honey I normally use. Because the Honee has an apple scent, I was wondering how it would taste in the tea. I was surprised when it didn't really change the taste much, and I tasted no apple at all. I liked that a lot, although I probably wouldn't have minded a little bit of apple. 

I love that Bee Free Honee is an all natural product, as I mentioned before. The fact that there is not a single chemical or word I can't pronounce in the ingredients makes me feel so much safer. It's scary what is in the food and drinks we consume without even realizing it, and it's great to know that there are safe, natural products out there for us to feel good about consuming.

There are two more great points I'd like to cover. First is that Bee Free Honee is vegan, and I know that finding vegan alternatives is no easy task. Second, as a result of the decreasing bee population, the price of traditional honey is rising. This will not affect Bee Free Honey, so it is a cost-effective alternative as well.